Tech Rehab

Tech Rehab Kicking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits, and Replacing Them With Good Ones.

Tech Rehab is a technical series presented by Matt Akins, ACCA manager of HVACR education. These courses are for HVAC contractors focusing on system performance, diagnosing equipment, benefits of indoor air quality equipment, sizing of ducts, and more. Tech Rehab will help you or your techs identify bad habits they are doing out in the field, and will offer tips on how to correct the issues. Each course will be filled with lots of real life examples! These courses are free to ACCA members and your employees, non-members can join for a fee.

  • $39 Non-Member
  • Free Member

Who Should Attend: Service Technicians, Comfort Advisors Technicians, Maintenance Technicians, Installation Crews, Field Service Supervisors, Production Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Managers, General Manager, Anyone who supports the student (we recommend you attend)! 
Location: Virtual. Class recording will be available for 30 days after the class.
Requirements: These are interactive classes, please have your cameras and microphone on!
Course Length: 2 hours per course
Instructed by: Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of Technical Education
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Water Damage and Prevention

September 6, 2023 at 7AM ET
Water damage continues to be the # 1 nemesis in the HVAC industry. It's time to stop the madness and learn the best practices to reduce your liability when it comes to water damage significantly. This course will teach students how to

  • Utilize the Universal HVAC Mechanical Code
  • Improve Your Standard of Care
  • Ascertain and execute add on sales
  • Reduce Liabilities via an Informed Client
  • Utilize a Standard of Care for Service and Installation
  • Plus Much More!

This class will give insight into preventing water damage in clients' homes while armoring technicians with the industry's best practices. Take the blinders off and evaluate the home as an entire system to render solid solutions for your client's HVAC system. 

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Total Capacity & Technical & Sales Focus

September 13, 2023 at 7AM ET
You can't correct what you don't measure. ACCA's Total Capacity class will teach students how to measure a residential system's capacity while at the same time translating that into sales. This course emphasizes taking proper measurements and using those measurements to talk to customers about their HVAC equipment. The primary topics covered in this class are

  • Measuring the System's Capacity
  • Utilizing Your Company's Inspection Checklists
  • Using Codes to Your Advantage
  • External Conditions
  • Corrective Actions
  • Presenting Options to Clients
  • Plus Much More!

Invest in yourself and your staff by signing up for this course. The technical skills learned in this course will supplement the soft skills learned so your business will deliver an educated, knowledgeable and competent technician to clients' homes. 

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System Performance Evaluation

September 27, 2023 at 7AM ET
This course will help technicians take prescriptive measurements to perform a complete system evaluation. Technicians need to perform a comprehensive system evaluation the same way as their fellow technicians. Attend this course to learn

  • Setting the Technician Up for Success
  • Obtaining authorization to execute a system evaluation
  • When to fill out a system performance evaluation
  • Learn How to Build Options
  • Utilizing System Performance
  • How a System Performance Evaluation can reduce client objections
  • Plus Much More!

Sign your staff up for this class to help them learn a fundamental approach to using system performance evaluations to increase your average ticket, reduce callbacks and reduce your technician and business liability.

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IAQ Benefits & How to Sell to Customers

November 1, 2023 at 7AM ET
A sound air-conditioning system delivers clean air to the space being conditioned. Air quality control includes more than just the removal of contaminants. IAQ consists of the status of indoor air as measured by temperature, humidity, fresh airflow, pollutants, and chemicals in an enclosed space. This course will teach your field staff to

  • Identify the Best Candidates for IAQ
  • Source Control
  • Identify, Assess, Quote Coil Corrosion
  • IAQ Tools
  • Features and Benefits of IAQ
  • Selling IAQ Products on Service and Replacement Calls

IAQ is a considerable aspect of what you do pertaining to HVAC. Not only do the benefits of IAQ affect the home's occupants, but when employed correctly, they provide an extra layer of protection to the HVAC equipment. Sign up for this class to move technicians one more direction forward in delivering products and results that translate into increased revenue through a simple foundation of IAQ products. 

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up-icon.pngAbout the Instructor

Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education, has sixteen years plus of HVACR experience, including five years as a technical trainer, teaching HVAC curriculum to hundreds of students across the country. He has managed all aspects of the training process, consisting of, designing classes for duct design, refrigeration, and HVAC system diagnostics as well as editing existing classes and making them current with current code and laws.