Accreditation Programs

It’s true: some contractors are better than others. Builders and homeowners need to be sure that the indoor environment contractors they hire are doing the right thing, the right way.

That’s where ACCA’s QA accreditation program comes in. Developed by contractors, for contractors, the QA program is designed from the ground up to focus on real ANSI standards, and to offer professional contractors a way to prove that they follow those standards.

Contractor Accreditation

The QA accreditation program offers two tracks: New Homeswhich allows participating contractors to work on newly-constructed homes that are applying for the ENERGY STAR label; and, Existing Homes – Residential Service & Installation (RSI)which allows participating contractors to certify that specific replacement jobs have been installed to the exacting Quality Installation standard.

Contractors can choose to be accredited in one of these two tracks, or both — there is only one application process and one participation fee. 

QA contractor accreditation is open to all contractors, and does NOT require ACCA membership. (ACCA members receive a $200 discount on QA participation fees.)

Learn more about each program below, and apply for accreditation (or renew your accreditation) today.

Find an Accredited Contractor

Use our online directories to locate accredited contractors in our two programs, New Homes (ENERGY STAR Certified new homes) and Existing Homes RSI (Quality Installation Certificate for equipment replacement, or installation in new homes).


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