Safety Series

ACCA Safety Series provides members with the opportunity to train their team on important safety procedures to keep them safe in the field. These videos, combined with daily practice and procedures, will provide contractors and technicians with the skills needed to stay safe everyday in their line of work. Covering topics such as ladder safety, heat safety, fire extinguishers, and more, this series covers it all.

Safety Series Video Library

up-icon.pngAbout the Instructor

Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education, has sixteen years plus of HVACR experience, including five years as a technical trainer, teaching HVAC curriculum to hundreds of students across the country. He has managed all aspects of the training process, consisting of, designing classes for duct design, refrigeration, and HVAC system diagnostics as well as editing existing classes and making them current with current code and laws. 

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