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Extra New Homes Information

New Homes Accredited Contractors: A few years ago ENERGY STAR revised their Certified Homes program, these videos review the changes to their program.

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Revision 8

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes has recently made some appreciable revisions to their program’s checklists and information processes. These revisions became a requirement in July 2016, and ACCA has prepared three introductory videos that look at the revisions to the information flow and the checklist’s content. 

ACCA Overview of Revision 8

ACCA Overview Design Checklist

ACCA Overview Commissioning Checklist

RSI Orientation

Below are three instructional videos about the Residential Service and Installation (HVAC system replacement) contractor accreditation offered by ACCA. These videos will prepare you to take the RSI Assessment Test.

Session 1: History of Contractor Accreditation

Session 2: Project Submission Process

Session 3: Inquiry Process

RSI Orientation Step-By-Step Instructions to Access Assessment

Here is an instructional video if you need help setting up an ACCA account.

Setting up an ACCA Account

RSI Resources

Here are resources for RSI Quality Contractors to use when they promote the ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) certificate as part of their sales proposal. To download your copies, visit (or create) your My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA).

For equipment that doesn’t meet ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements, they can earn an ACCA Quality Installation Certificate.

Sample ESVI Brochure

Sample ESVI Tear Sheet

ACCA’s QI ComforTool

ACCA QI Mobile App

The ACCA QI Mobile App can be found at: