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ACCA cares about the future of our workforce, because professional contractors need skilled employees. We are here to help the schools and educators that are building that workforce.

The contracting industry requires skilled men and women at a tremendous rate.

In fact, the indoor environment industry offers incredible opportunities for today’s students to enter a high-paying field where they will be in demand. 

ACCA provides the standards and resources used by the best schools to equip those students with the tools they need to succeed.

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Raise Your Standards

ACCA’s Technical Manuals are the bedrock of contracting in America. Whether residential or commercial, from design to maintenance, our manuals explain exactly how to do it right.

We bring it all together in our Quality Standards – most of which are available for free download! These are the standards that lay out everything a contractor must do to ensure quality design, installation, maintenance, verification, and building performance improvement.

ACCA sells a wide variety of textbooks, references and manuals in our Online Store, or by calling 888-290-2220.

We work regularly with instructors and school bookstores all over the country who use ACCA books in their technical trade classes. Our customer service specialists are here to help!

608 Refrigerant Certification

ACCA’s 608 certification program is not just the original and largest, but it’s also the most responsive to your needs! We are experts in working with classroom instructors to ensure that their students graduate with the (federally-required!) Section 608 certification, with both paper and online options.

Our exclusive educational resources include the popular Understanding Section 608 computer video course, used by many schools to supplement their teaching, as well as a full range of testing and training supplies.

Bulk Pricing for Schools

ACCA offers bulk and reseller pricing for our products that are purchased in large volumes. This special pricing is not available in our online store, and must be purchased through our fulfillment center at 703-575-4477.

We offer industry standard bookstore discounts and return policies.

Qualified school bookstores may apply for credit in order to use purchase orders with ACCA. Download this form, complete it and return it by fax to 240-396-5698

Note, only approved school bookstores may apply for credit; all other orders must be paid in advance.

If you have any questions about the ordering process, please contact

Power Your Lessons Up

To assist in teaching ACCA Manuals, ACCA has created a number of free lesson plans designed to facilitate teaching Manuals J, D, S and a number of other ACCA products. The lesson plans included in this document are intended for use by HVAC instructors at vocational schools and community colleges as a method of introducing their students to industry-accepted procedures for HVAC system design described in the code-cited ACCA design manuals.

Current list of ACCA lesson plans available for download. 

Additionally, the Manual J portion of the curriculum provides instruction on how to perform the load calculation using the ACCA MJ8ae Speed-Sheet, which is an Excel spreadsheet you can use in conjunction with the abridged edition of Manual J to facilitate the learning process.

Workforce Development

ACCA is a founding supporter of the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation, which develops and promotes educational projects, programs, and partnerships to attract committed and skilled employees to a career in HVACR.

The Value of Membership

Over 300 schools nationwide are members of ACCA. ACCA offers a special school category of membership that allows instructors full access to the industry’s best resources. As an ACCA member, you and your school get:

  • 10% discount on select ACCA products when ordering online (individual or small order purchases).
  • Access to ACCA’s member resources, including video on demand, downloads, and member-only content.  Know what’s happening in the industry your students are entering — and what their future employers are looking for.

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Important notes:

  • ACCA offers organizational membership. The membership applies to the school or vocational program, not the individual instructor.
  • ACCA membership is location-basedYour membership applies to one location; additional school locations are not considered members unless they are enrolled individually.