HVAC Training: Entry Level Tech

HVAC Training for Technicians: Boot Camp for Entry Level Technician 2.0

ACCA's Entry Level Technician course provides a fundamental level of training to enter the job market as an entry-level HVACR technician. Topics in this course include the basics of both the electrical and mechanical sides of the air conditioning system. In addition, entry-level technicians may be responsible for testing systems for proper function, performing emergency repairs, maintaining tools and equipment, and making routine adjustments to maximize operational efficiency. You can build the foundational skills needed for an entry-level technician career through ACCA's Entry Level Technician course.

This course is intended for introductory boot camp training for HVACR technicians. Technicians will gain a basic understanding of the responsibilities of an HVACR technician. ACCA's Entry Level Technician class broadly integrates science and practical field guidance to students and helps them become valuable members of an HVAC team. As students move forward in this course, they will have a new expectation to display good work practices, demonstrate care for the environment and client's home, and guidelines for installation, maintaining, and repairing HVACR systems.

up-icon.pngWho It's For

Targeted to entry level personnel, but it is open to anyone interested in understanding the basics HVACR. 

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up-icon.pngWhat is Covered

Our online training will help students build the necessary skills and knowledge to become entry level technicians on their own time. In addition, students who are attracted to learning the fundamentals of HVAC systems and current HVAC professionals interested in deepening their competencies in various subfields have the option to gain HVAC training through this online course.

  • Provide a baseline job outline for new technicians or technicians not performing to their maximum potential
  • Understand your role in the HVAC business
  • Job opportunities in the HVAC career field
  • The refrigeration cycle and how the components function
  • Airflow basics
  • Hydronic systems and water flow measurement
  • Properly using gauges and checking the charge
  • Basic requirements for a maintenance inspection
  • Refrigeration P/T charts
  • Plus, a lot more

up-icon.pngAvailable CEU/CEH's

(CEU/CEH totals available as of March 7, 2016. These are subject to change, please check with pertinent organizations if there are any questions.)

BPI​ - 1.5 Hours

RESNET - 3 Hours

RSES - 3 Hours

ICC - 0.50 Hours, Course approval number is 21117

NATE - 5 Hours 

             AC Installation
AC Service
Air Distribution Installation
Air Distribution Service
Heat Pump Service 

Heat Pump Installation
Gas Furnace Service
Gas Furnace Installation
Oil Furnace Service
Oil Furnace Installation

HVAC Excellence - 5 CEH hr for the following certification areas:


           Gas Heat
Oil Heat
Residential Air Conditioning    
Air Conditioning Installer

System Performance
Light Commercial Air Conditioning
CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone)



up-icon.pngHow it Works

Once you enroll and pay, you will receive an email to sign in/register. If it's your first time using our new system, you will need to enter an access code and user information. If returning, just use the link above and use the “Sign In” tab and enter your email address and password.

Once you are in, you will see that you can download a .pdf copy of Technician's Guide and Workbook for Entry Level Technicians. Once you have completed the videos, you can take, and pass, a short online exam to earn a course certificate.

Upon successfully passing the exam a certificate of completion is issued. To receive CEU/CEH credits from a variety of organizations, you are responsible for providing a copy of the certificate to the appropriate certification body. See below for the full list of CEUs. ACCA will maintain your transcript as proof of your credentials.


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The cost for the online program is $139 ($99 for ACCA members).

Get CEUs! Successful completion of the online certificate program will provide you with a variety of continuing credits available through BPI, NATE, RESNET, RSES and HVAC Excellence.