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HVAC Training for Technicians: HVAC Zoning

This 3.3-hour HVAC training video series provides the basics a technician should know when tasked with installing, setting up, and testing various configurations of zone systems and their individual components. This course was developed for HVAC contractors and home performance professionals who requested more training material on zoning field practices.

up-icon.pngWho It's For

Targeted to field personnel, but it is open to anyone interested in understanding the basics of zoning.  

This program is not designed to train an unskilled worker to do zone system installations. Rather, it is designed to augment technicians’ understanding of zoning systems and zoning design concepts so that they can avoid commonly made errors and recognize when a zoning application needs more design input. Designers may also gain insight from a technician’s perspective on the information required to complete an installation by reading through this Guide and Workbook.

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up-icon.pngWhat Is Covered

Many existing zoning systems predate the guidance provided in ANSI/ACCA 11 Manual Zr-2012 Residential Zoning. That 2012 standard has been updated, with the latest version approved by ANSI in 2018. Home zoning system designs should be based on the guidance provided in ACCA Manual Zr.

Due to the demand for more control, comfort and flexibility, the future of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is in refining zoning designs and installation practices. When correctly designed, installed, and commissioned, multi-zoned homes offer homeowners better control over their environments. As advanced control systems and system diversity are added to design practices, those who wish to set controls to energy saving modes will be able to do so with a minimal impact on comfort.

Course Breakdown (3.3 hours total)

1. Introduction - 15 minutes 
System Design Overview, Temperature variation factors, Single & Multi Zone Performance, Comfortable Room Temperatures, Energy Usage, Energy Calculations, Cost of Zoning and more. 

2. Zoning Types & Design Decisions - 24 minutes
Zoning Methods, Equipment Types, Heat Transfer, Remote Room Locations, Solar Gains, Internal Loads, Buoyancy, Peak Fenstration Loads, Cooling/Heating, Air Balance, Controls and more. 

3. Single Zone Balancing & Thermostat Location - 24 minutes
Zoning Methods, Different Equipment types, Zoning Decisions, Owner Input, Exposure Load Chart, Air Balancing Percentage Calculations, Zone System Control Integration and more. 

4. Zoning Load Calculations - 20 minutes
Zoning Load Calculations, Block Load, Airflow Design, Table Calculations, AED, Glass Load Calculations and more. 

5. Blower Motors - 17 minutes
Motor Types, Capacitor, ECM Motor parts External Static Pressure, Fan Speed, Fan Performance Chart, Pressure Matching, 1/3 HP ECM Fan Curve, OEM Safety Sensors adn more. 

6. Air Balancing Basics - 14 minutes
Manual D Duct Sizes, Airflow Measurement Methods, Zoning Balance Total CFM, Bypass Damper Adjustment, ESP, Minimum Step Point, Sound Check All Zones and more. 

7. Zone Damper Systems - 15 minutes
Mandatory Design Requirements, Space Humidity Control, Zone Temperature Swing, External Static Pressure and more. 

8. Balancing & Managing Excess Air - 22 minutes
Excess Air Management, Bypass Relief, Overblow Relief, Selective Throttling, Capacity Control, Consolidate Zones, Balancing Combinations and more. 

9. Zoning System Options - 10 minutes
Adding Zones to Existing Systems, Home Conditions, Multi-Split Zone Piping, Chillers, Hydronic Systems Basics and more. 

10. ZR System Diagnostics - 17 minutes
Thermostatic Control Issues, Thermostat Operations, Damper Control Issues, Electrical Diagnostics, Moisture Failures, Retrofit Damper Location, Bypass Damper Issues and more. 

11. Balancing 3 Zone Long House - 20 minutes
Proportional Balancing CFM, Zoning Balancing, Balancing Points, Fan Laws, Motor Amperage and more.

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Once you are in, you will have full access to the 3.3 hour video series. Once you have completed the videos, you can take, and pass, a multiple choice question online exam to earn a course certificate.

To receive CEU/CEH credits from a variety of organizations, you are responsible for providing a copy of the certificate to the appropriate certification body. See below for the full list of CEUs. ACCA will maintain your transcript as proof of your credentials.

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up-icon.pngAvailable CEU/CEH's

(CEU/CEH totals available as of Sept 12, 2018. These are subject to change, please check with pertinent organizations if there are any questions.)

  • RSES - 3 Hours
  • ESCO - 3.25 Hours
  • RESNET - 3.3 Hours
  • BPI - 1.5 Hours
  • ICC- Course approval number is 16967 (3.25 Hours)
  • NATE - 3 Hours in the following specialties
    • Air Conditioning Installation
    • Air Conditioning Service
    • Air Distribution Installation
    • Air Distribution Service
    • Gas Heating Installation
    • Gas Heating Service
    • HVAC Performance Verifier

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