ACCA Service Excellence Bundle

ACCA Service Excellence Bundle

Steve Coscia is the most widely published and quoted customer service expert in the mechanical trade industry.  Thousands of residential and commercial trade professionals rely on Coscia’s instruction and more than 200 colleges teach his curriculum and textbooks.  Coscia speaks frequently at ACCA conferences and his Service Savvy column is featured in ACCA NOW.  Coscia has earned the Certified Speaking Professional ® (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association.

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up-icon.pngWho It's For

These courses are ideal for all HVAC employees who interact with customers (i.e. CSRs, dispatchers, technicians, installers and office staff).  All courses are NATE accredited.


up-icon.pngWhat Is Covered

  • Make the Customer Feel Understood
  • Convey Engaging Body Language
  • Technician Behavior in the Field
  • Maximizing a Technician’s First Impression
  • Empathize with customers
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Phone Call Etiquette
  • Effective introduction strategies
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Personal Accountability
  • Valuable Objectivity during Customer Service Events
  • Teamwork and Efficiency Among Employees
  • Word usage in communication and understanding
  • Positive Attitude is a Choice

Course Descriptions

Customer Service Listening (Earn .5 NATE CEH)

This course covers every aspect of listening and conveying empathy.  Listening is the communication skill that impacts relationships more than any other.  In business, better relationships means more likability and customers want to do business with people they like.  Being a good listener makes people feel understood - this is a basic human need.

Customer Service Leadership (Earn .5 NATE CEH)

This course reinforces the reality that all employees lead by example.  A world-class service culture is easier to establish when everyone conveys mutual respect to internal and external customers.  Delivering positive and consistent outcomes to external customers demonstrates how much a company cares. 

Customer Service Teamwork (Earn .5 NATE CEH)

This informative lesson provides the soft skills basics for technicians who want to improve their effectiveness and value as team members and leaders. All content is based on actual encounters within teamwork situations.

Customer Service Attitude (Earn .5 NATE CEH)

This course’s customer service attitude strategies will help service company employees to be more helpful and proactive. This course contains numerous video and audio examples to educate and inform. This lesson focuses on how to establish a positive first impression by having a positive attitude and showing respect to your customer.

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