Residential HVAC Online Certificate Program

Residential HVAC
Online Certificate Program

The Online Certificate Program gives you a full grounding in proper residential design in compliance with the HVAC Quality Installation Specification — on your own computer, at your own pace.


Contractors, technicians, design and utility personnel, wholesalers, energy commission officials, licensing and code officials, and others interested in learning the importance, including the economic and environmental benefits, of accurate residential load calculation procedures for system design.

Click here to enroll in the online program. The cost for the online program is $495 ($395* for ACCA members).


Note: The required materials are not included with your enrollment. Click here to save 10% when purchasing the required course materials (Manual J, Manual D, the ACCA Duct Slide Rule, and the QI specification).

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The class is built in modules (three modules, containing 28 separate lesson units in all) that include video and audio presentations from popular HVACR technical trainer, Jack Rise.

You can move through the class modules at your own pace. While time spent taking the class will vary from student to student, the class contains 18 hours of video, plus 28 assessments and a final exam. We expect the typical learner to complete the class in 22-25 hours plus individual study time.

The class must be successfully completed within 180 days of enrollment.

  • In the Manual J sessions you will learn how to accurately size the proper equipment for your particular application and geographic region of the country.
  • In the Manual D sessions you will learn how to design a ducted distribution system to extract the proper amount of air out of the equipment and deliver it to the areas to be heated and/or cooled.
  • The ACCA Standard 5 course offers instruction on an ANSI Standard (ACCA Standard 5) by which all quality HVAC installations can be compared. In addition, you will gain a peek at some really helpful software that can dramatically minimize the time required to perform all of the required calculations and system design, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

At the end of each unit (28 in total) you will be asked to complete an assessment. After completing all of the module assessments (with a passing score), you will be shown a link to complete the final exam. When you pass the exam, you will gain access to a printable certificate proving successful completion of the class.

The certificate expires in five years, to ensure that certificate holders keep up to date on changing industry requirements.

ACCA will maintain your transcript as proof of your credentials.


Completion of this class requires that you have access to the following materials:

  • Manual J 8th Edition
  • Manual D 3rd Edition
  • ACCA Duct Slide Rule
  • ACCA/ANSI Quality Installation Specification
Manual J

Manual J
Residential Load Calculation

This manual gives you the loads for single-family detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condominiums, town houses, and manufactured homes according to the national ANSI-recognized standard. Proper load calculation, as it is defined by this manual, is required by national building codes and by most states and municipalities.


Manual D

Manual D
Residential Duct Design

Manual D offers ANSI-recognized standards for duct design, giving you all the information you'll need to successfully and properly design a duct system.



Manual J 8th Edition – Residential Load Calculations

  • How heat moves and what to measure
  • Guidelines and limitations
  • Design conditions and fenestration
  • Opaque surfaces and duct system loads

Manual D 3rd Edition – Residential Duct System Design

  • Airflow basics
  • Choosing a blower
  • Creating comfort using Manual T
  • System design procedure
  • Testing and balancing

ACCA Standard 5 HVAC Quality Installation Specification

  • Establishing templates
  • Use in load calculation and air distribution



Click here to enroll in the online program. The cost for the online program is $495 ($395 for ACCA members).

Get CEUs! Successful completion of the online certificate program will provide you with 20 NATE CEUs, 12.5 BPI CEUs, and/or 25 RSES CEUs for CM (certificate member) or a CMS (certificate members specialist) designations. You must provide your NATE and/or BPI, identification numbers in the appropriate fields when purchasing the online class. For RSES CEUs, you must present the certificate of completion to the organization.


Note: The required materials are not included with your enrollment. Click here to save 10% when purchasing the required course materials (Manual J, Manual D, the ACCA Duct Slide Rule, and the QI specification).


Yes, after you purchase the class and log into the system, before you begin the first module you will be offered the opportunity to take a “leap test” which is basically the final exam. If you pass this exam, you will be considered to have passed the class and gain immediate access to your certificate. You can still watch the video classes, if you like, for up to 180 days. (Please note, if you pass the leap test but do not complete all 28 modules, you will receive the ACCA certificate but you will not be eligible for NATE or BPI CEUs.)


Yes, when you purchase the class you will be asked to enter the names and email addresses of however many students you are signing up, and then they will have access to the class.
You will need to re-enroll in the class.
After purchasing and receiving a confirmation email that you have been enrolled in the class, you can start any time (as long as you make sure to start and complete the class within 180 days of purchase). The class is individual and “asynchronous”, meaning it is ready for you whenever you are.
No, not at this time. You will need to watch and participate in the class on a standard desktop or laptop browser. It should work fine with the latest versions of standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
To follow correctly along with the class you will need to specifically use the ACCA duct slide calculation rule. However, you can also use ACCA DuctWheel for iPad, which is an iPad-specific app version of the ACCA duct slide rule. It is available for purchase from Apple’s App Store here. (Note that if you purchase our “bundle” of class + materials, you will receive the physical version of the duct slide rule, not the iPad version, which can only be bought directly from Apple.)
The materials are mailed to you via ground shipping and should usually arrive within 7 business days (USA only).