TACCT - Technician and Client Communication Training

Technician and Client Communication Training (TACCT)

This course is designed to prepare technicians to refine their consumer communication skills. Students who attend this course, can expect to walk away with some strategies to promote trust and likeability with potential customers by improving first impressions.

TACCT is designed with the client experience in mind and how to build your company's value through exceptional service. Students will learn how to:

  • Provide a baseline job outline for new technicians or technicians not performing to their maximum potential
  • Understand their role in the HVAC business
  • Step-by-step instructions for running a consistent service call
  • Skills needed to build trust and rapport with clients
  • How to develop and explain options to clients
  • How to NOT be the weakest link
  • Prepare a pre-flight checklist for service, maintenance, and installation
  • Be a client advocate
  • Convert clients to 'membership' customers
  • Build a better skill set to navigate client objections
  • Focus on delivering options to clients
  • Not to be a parts changer, but adopting a new mandate, leave the system better than you found it

  • $350 Non-Member
  • $315 Member*

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About the Instructor

Atkins2.pngMatt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education

Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education, has sixteen years plus of HVACR experience, including five years as a technical trainer, teaching HVAC curriculum to hundreds of students across the country. He has managed all aspects of the training process, consisting of, designing classes for duct design, refrigeration, and HVAC system diagnostics as well as editing existing classes and making them current with current code and laws. 

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