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Manual S in a Day - Date and Location TBD

This course covers the fundamentals of residential equipment selection. You’ll learn more about the code-required nationally recognized residential equipment selection standard and in a way that's easy to understand and apply. This program teaches you how to dive into performance data to select equipment for residential structures. The user will get key information required to be code compliant and deliver predictable comfort. Equipment covered: cooling-only, heat pumps, fuel-burning furnaces, ducted, ductless, and hydronic systems will be covered in this class.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Sensible Heat Ratio
  • Understanding Air Conditioning Capacities
  • How To Select a Cooling System
  • How to Select a Heat Pump
  • How To Select a Fuel-Fired Heating System
  • Cooling System Sizing Limits
  • Heating System Sizing Limits
  • Determine Proper Cooling Airflow
  • Determine Proper Heating Airflow
  • Apply an Altitude Correction Factor
  • Calculate a Heat Pump’s Thermal Balance Point
  • Calculate a Heat Pump’s Economic Balance Point

  • $350 Non-Member
  • $310 Member

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About the Instructor

Ed Janowiak, ACCA Manager of HVAC Design Education

Ed comes to ACCA with over thirty-five years of HVAC experience, and more than twenty years, delivering technical topics from his time as the technical director at Eastern Heating and Cooling Council based out of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Janowiak has over fifteen years of practical experience in the field as a service manager, technician, and installer - working at various companies, and as the owner and president of Bramante Energy, Inc.  

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