Manual D in a Day

Manual D in a Day 

A key to comfort is about adding or removing the right amount of heat to keep customers happy. Easy rules-of-thumb lead to duct designs that cannot and will not deliver comfort. Many weak contractors fail to do a little leg work to set themselves up for success.

This course covers the fundamentals of residential duct design based on the nationally recognized standard. The class will break it down in a way that's easy to understand and apply. This program is designed for the HVAC professional who will use both a pen and paper, or a computer-based program to calculate duct sizes for residential structures. This program gives the user all the information necessary to use either method effectively. This class will also briefly discuss what’s needed for good room air mixing, selecting grilles and registers (Manual T).

Topics covered include:

  • Duct Sketch
  • Total Effective Length Calculation (TEL)
  • External Static Pressure
  • Component Losses (Pressure Drops)
  • Available Static Pressure
  • Friction Rate
  • Use of a Duct Slide
  • Sizing of Branch Runs
  • Sizing of Trunk Ducts
  • Supply Register / Return Grille Sizing
  • Supply Outlet & Return Placement

  • $350 Non-Member
  • $315 Member*

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October 25, 2022 - 15080 Sommermeyer St #600, Houston, TX 77041
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About the Instructor

Ed Janowiak, ACCA Manager of HVAC Design Education

Ed comes to ACCA with over thirty-five years of HVAC experience, and more than twenty years, delivering technical topics from his time as the technical director at Eastern Heating and Cooling Council based out of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Janowiak has over fifteen years of practical experience in the field as a service manager, technician, and installer - working at various companies, and as the owner and president of Bramante Energy, Inc.