Airflow Class in a Half Day

Airflow Class in a Half Day - 

ACCA’s airflow course lays the foundation for airflow measurement in the field. Before learning how to measure airflow, you must know the target, the design airflow that you’re aiming for. In addition, you’ll learn about various ways to estimate or measure airflow along with a demonstration how to perform the tests. You’ll also about the importance of air velocity and the difference between residential vs commercial applications. If you want to learn the basics to accurately quantify airflow and understand the limitations of various procedures, then this is the class for you.

Topics covered include:
  • Introduction
  • What is correct airflow?
  • Why do we measure airflow?
  • Mass flow vs CFM
Methods of measuring airflow
  • Static pressure
  • Pitot tube / formal traverse / Tchebycheff method
  • Hotwire
  • Mini vane
  • Temperature rise
  • External Static Pressure
  • TrueFlow® grid x 2
  • Pressure matching
Other useful measurements
  • Coil pressure drop
  • Filter pressure drop
Bonus material (as time allows) – system BTUH calculations: heating plant output, AC total BTUH output, and the importance of enthalpy (Δh).

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  • $300 Member

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About the Instructor

Ed Janowiak, ACCA Manager of HVAC Design Education

Ed comes to ACCA with over thirty-five years of HVAC experience, and more than twenty years, delivering technical topics from his time as the technical director at Eastern Heating and Cooling Council based out of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Janowiak has over fifteen years of practical experience in the field as a service manager, technician, and installer - working at various companies, and as the owner and president of Bramante Energy, Inc.  

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