Unfair Commpetition

Top Issue: Unfair Competition

BACKGROUND: Many utilities have created service companies that provide products and services that complement their core business but can directly compete with ACCA’s members that are HVACR, plumbing, and electrical contractors. The increasing encroachment by the utility industry and the unfair competition is a challenge many ACCA contractors are facing depending on your state.

SOLUTION: ACCA is committed to fighting against these unfair utility practices. None of our members fears ‘fair’ competition, but with the advantages utilities have it is not fair competition. The contracting industry is becoming increasingly aware that all those copper wires, fiber optics and gas mains leading from a utility into people’s houses can do much more than just move electrons and molecules. They also have the potential to lead directly to the consumer wallet, for services above and beyond monthly utility bills.

SOLUTION: Many states have moved to protect access to natural gas as a fuel source. One example is in Ohio, where Governor Mike DeWine signed HB 201 into law in 2021. This law prohibits local governments from limiting the use of natural gas and propane. ACCA partnered with Allied Contracting Organization ACCO to support this bill.