Energy Efficiency

Top Issues: Energy Efficiency

BACKGROUND: The federal government, along with many states and utilities, has offered individuals and homeowners incentives to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Whether it’s through a tax credit/deduction, or a rebate check, the public’s interest is to see reduced energy consumption. However, prescriptive-based incentives are losing favor with policymakers because most systems are not properly installed. The EPA estimates that half of all HVAC systems are not installed according manufacturer requirements causing those systems to consume 30-40 percent more energy than they were estimated to consume in laboratory settings.

To address issues surrounding improper installation, the EPA created ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation Program (ESVI). ACCA is currently the only organization who accredits contractors to participate in ESVI. Contractors enrolled in ACCA’s QA program can offer consumers a certificate recognizing their system was installed according to ACCA’s quality installation standard. The ENERGY STAR program has not been adequately funded so consumers have not been made aware of this program, which is intended to transform the market from equipment focused efficiencies to focusing on quality installation programs.


SOLUTION: ACCA supports robust funding for EPA’s Verified Installation Program allowing EPA to promote the benefits of quality installation practices to consumers.

SOLUTION: ACCA supports coupling quality installation requirements with incentives that encourage consumers to purchase ENERGY STAR systems.

SOLUTION: ACCA supports using grants from the Department of Energy to encourage consumers to undertake proper HVAC installations.

SOLUTION: ACCA supports market transformation programs that promote the value of hiring professional contractors who ensure that efficiency incentives have an impact on energy consumption.

SOLUTION: The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes billions of dollars in grants to states for energy efficiency improvements and retrofits. ACCA is working at the state and federal level to promote quality installation as a component of these massive programs.

SOLUTION: ACCA recently partnered with measureQuick—a company that offers powerful tools that help verify and facilitate quality installation. You can learn more about ACCA’s partnership with measureQuick and our Quality Installaton (QI) program here.