DOE Regional Standards

Top Issue: DOE Regional Standards

Background: Starting on January 1, 2023 HVAC-R systems installed in the South and Southwest will need to meet the corresponding SEER ratings for those regions. Historically it has been by date of manufacture. This means that any non-compliant (lower SEER) equipment will be illegal to install in the S and SW after 1.1.23. Due to COVID-19, inflation, and supply chain constraints, ACCA members are already having a difficult time finding equipment. If this policy goes into effect, it will add to these constraints.

As part of this policy, installers are also required to retain relevant information on every installation for 4 years and are required to turn it over to DOE upon report of an illegal installation. Installers found to have installed systems illegally will have each instance count as a mark against the contractor unless the system is promptly replaced with a compliant system at no cost to the consumer, per DOE’s remediation guidelines. Installers found in repeat violation will be placed on “do not sell” lists. Wholesalers and distributors who are found to sell to blacklisted installers can be fined for each instance.

Solution: Congressman Bob Latta (OH-5) has introduced the SMART Efficiency Standards Act which would change the “date of installation” to “date of manufacture. Please take a moment to participate in ACCA’s action alert on this bill and tell your representatives in Congress to support this important bill.