Disposable Cylinder Ban

Top Issue: Disposable Cylinder Ban

Background: As part of a rule under the AIM Act, the EPA is banning disposable cylinders for HFC refrigerants. No new HFC refrigerants placed in disposable cylinders after 1/1/2025. No sale of HFC refrigerants in disposables will be allowed at all after 1/1/2027. This transition will be costly and impose significant burdens on contractors. The new, disposable cylinders weigh over 50 lbs and are much more expensive than currently used disposable cylinders. Moreover, domestic manufacturing will not be able to meet demand by 2027, which means the market will be flooded with cheap, imports. The increased cylinder weight and size also means that trucks will likely have to be reconfigured, there will be greater physical wear and tear on technicians, and those that can’t handle the increased weight will effectively be excluded from the HVAC-R workplace. Distributors have also raised significant concerns about the logistical difficulties this transition would create. All told, the transition will cost the industry an estimated $8 billion—not including worker safety considerations.

Solution: ACCA has joined fellow industry associations HARDI and PHCC to oppose the ban in court.
Solution: ACCA has launched the Stop the Ban! Campaign so members can let their members in Congress know why they need to get involved and why this ban can’t go forward.