Manual S Residential Equipment Selection

Manual SManual S® - Residential Equipment Selection (2nd Edition) [ANSI/ACCA 3 Manual S - 2014]

Manual S shows you how to select and size heating and cooling equipment to meet loads for a particular home, which are based on local climate and home construction specifics. Contractors in Miami, Phoenix, and Seattle - all extremely different climates - would never use the same equipment and expect the same results. Manual S provides sizing requirements for 11 types of cooling and heating equipment, as well as in-depth explanations and examples of how to use manufacturer's performance data.

New for this edition:

  • Contains new sizing rules that recognize multi- and variable speed equipment with larger over sizing limits.
  • Covers 11 types of equipment (previous version covered only four).
  • Heat pumps in heating dominated locations have an optional over-sizing procedure.
  • There are an increased number of example problems for Manual S procedures, as well as explanations of details/nuances (for contractors and educators).
  • The book is reformatted so the first sections contain mandatory code official language.

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