Residential Design Class

April 20-22, 2022
Hunton Distribution
16335 Central Green Blvd, Houston, TX 77032

Learn Manual J, D and S

Now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge by signing up for ACCA's Residential Design Class. This unique class offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and gain the tools necessary to design for quality HVAC installations, and provides you with a five year certificate of completion. 

The 3-day class is built on a comprehensive training platform that covers 5 distinct topics showcasing the ACCA “step-by-step” residential HVAC system design process to ensure a quality installation.

  • Manual J Session: One will learn the important concepts used in assembling an accurate residential load calculation. Heating and Cooling Load Examples using MJ8ae will be presented in conjunction with the Manual J Do's & Don'ts to ensure accuracy throughout the entire load calculation evaluation. Real-world procedures will be shown on how to conduct a detailed site-survey to ensure capturing important construction details when building the load calculation report.
  • Manual S Session: One will learn how to properly select equipment for a dwelling using a detailed heating & cooling load calculation and actual OEM performance data from different manufacturers (Air Conditioning/ Heat Pumps/ Gas Furnaces).
  • Manual D Session: One will learn the important steps of designing a ducted distribution system (selecting appropriate ducts & fittings) to deliver the required airflow (CFM) at an acceptable velocity (FPM) to all spaces being conditioned.
  • ACCA Standard 5 & Real-World Installation Tips Session: Step-by-step review on the ACCA Standard 5 (HVAC Quality Installation Specification) by which all quality HVAC installations should be designed and installed. Practical real-world suggestions to minimize call-backs on common installation problems to include zoning and commissioning.
This course is $1,000 for ACCA and TACCA Members and $1,200 for non-members.


More Details 

Who Should Attend: This class is ideal for contractors, technicians, sales staff, technical college instructors, design personnel, and anyone interested in learning proper quality installation.

Materials Included: Registration for an ACCA in-person RDQI class always includes the following required materials: Manual J 8th Edition, ACCA Duct Slide Rule, Manual D, and ACCA/ANSI Standard 5. Plus, you will also receive: Manual S, Manual T.