Call for Presenters

Thank you for your interest in speaking for an ACCA educational program.

ACCA educational programs are all about helping contractors and ACCA’s goal is to bring together the industry’s most successful owners, entrepreneurs, top consultants, and innovative creative up-and-comers to learn from each other. We’re looking for speakers who can share their knowledge and engage fellow professionals on topics contractor leaders and their staffs need to improve and grow their businesses.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that if you are selected to speak during an ACCA educational program, you will abide by the ACCA speaker agreement, which includes a No Sales Pitch section. A sponsored session fee of $12,000 will be assessed for any content session that is used to sell products of services.

ACCA is a volunteer organization and speakers are compensated for their presentations with reduced registration fees for the program during which they are speaking. ACCA does not reimburse travel, hotel, or other expenses associated with presenting during the event.

If you have questions about speaking at an ACCA educational program, please email Kimya Cajchun at

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