Call for Presenters

Thank you for your interest in speaking for an ACCA educational program.

ACCA educational programs are all about ACCA members helping contractors and ACCA’s goal is to bring together the industry’s most successful owners, entrepreneurs, top consultants, and innovative creative up-and-comers to learn from each other. We’re looking for speakers who can share their knowledge and engage fellow professionals on topics

Our next big event is ACCA 2025 in Greater Austin, TX, March 24-27, 2025. We're seeking proposals on workforce, leadership, finance, and technical topics to help contractors pursue technical excellence and business success.

The initial deadline for proposals is May 10, 2024. Late submissions may be considered on a space-available basis. Sessions submitted over the past year will automatically be considered for ACCA 2025, but please feel free to submit a revision.

By submitting this form, you agree that if you are selected to speak during an ACCA educational program, you will abide by the ACCA speaker agreement, which includes a No Sales Pitch section. Presenters who use ACCA educational program sessions to sell products or services will not be invited to participate in future ACCA events.

Selected presenters must join ACCA or renew their membership.

Even if all you have is a rough concept, we encourage you to submit it! Session proposals are evaluated by ACCA's Speakers Subcommittee, which helps ensure sessions that are responsive to contractor needs and may be able to suggest co-presenters or combinations that would enhance your session. If you're interested in joining the Speakers Subcommittee, please email

The subcommittee and our attendees have a strong preference for contractor-led sessions. If you're a vendor, your session is far more likely to be selected and well-attended if you can find a contractor to co-present on your topic. The bigger the contractor role, the better, particularly if you can illustrate your point with contractors other than your own clients, making the session less likely to be seen as a sales pitch. Please feel free to email to discuss ideas and identify potential co-presenters prior to submission.

ACCA is a volunteer organization and speakers are compensated for their presentations with reduced registration fees for the program during which they are speaking. ACCA does not reimburse travel, hotel, or other expenses associated with presenting during the event.

If you have questions about speaking at an ACCA educational program, please email

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