ACCA Sends Letter to Senators Supporting Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of the Department of Energy

January 16, 2017

On January 12, ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, and its industry partners at AHRI, HARDI, and PHCC, sent a letter to every United States Senator in support of Gov. Rick Perry's nomination to be the next Secretary of Energy.

In the letter, the industry partners stated: "As the Governor of Texas, Governor Perry helped create nearly 1.5 million new jobs. We are encouraged by his success. We are committed to working with him on energy and workforce development issues that will create the highly skilled jobs that our industry desperately needs. Governor Perry stands ready to reinvigorate the Energy Department and will strengthen the HVACR industry by promoting a balanced and transparent regulatory policy that will carry us through the 21st Century.”

"Governor Perry understands the need to have balance and transparency when it comes to regulating American businesses," said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. "We believe that under Governor Perry's leadership, the DOE will become a stronger government agency that releases regulations that not only meet the country's energy goals, but will help businesses thrive. Furthermore, his record of success with job creation has created optimism in our industry, as we face a technician shortage in the coming years."

You can read the full letter that the HVACR Industry Alliance sent to the Senators at HVACR Perry DOE Sec Confirmation Support Letter.pdf

If you have questions about the letter, please contact Barton James at


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