ACCA Announces a Call for Members for a Committee to Update BSR/ACCA 11 Manual Zr – 201x (Residentia

December 23, 2016

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute (ACCA-EI) Standards Task Team (STT) announces an American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) ‘Call for Members’ to revise ACCA Manual Zr (Residential Zoning).  This call for members commenced on December 23, 2016.
Zoning systems can be beneficial for the homeowner’s comfort and overall satisfaction with their HVAC system.  However, zoning complexity can lead to contractor design/installation difficulties. Manual Zr addresses the unique requirements of HVAC zoning design that include:

  • Zonal load calculations
  • Zoning strategies and protocols (diversity issues; multi-level construction, diverse floor plans; winter/summer room and zone CFM variations; etc.).
  • Zoned systems types/attributes (multiple furnaces or refrigeration cycle units, central heating-cooling with VAV dampers, split coil refrigeration cycle with multiple indoor coils).
  • Controls and control strategies (VAV bypass air; VAV damper sizing; multi- or variable-speed; airflow management).
  • Zonal duct design elements, as well as supply and return grille selection (constant volume vs. VAV).

If you wish to be considered for membership on the Manual Zr Advisory Committee, or to serve as a reviewer of the updated manual, email; and include the manual’s and some details on your qualifications that make you well suited for the identified role.


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