Free Lesson Plans Available For Teaching ACCA's Manuals J, D, and S

October 20, 2015

ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, has developed free lesson plans to assist in teaching ACCA Manuals J, D, and S to students.The lesson plans are intended for use by HVAC instructors at vocational schools and community colleges as a method of introducing their students to industry-accepted procedures for HVAC system design described in the code-cited ACCA design manuals.

The lesson plans are broken into three sections that cover the three major steps of the system design process; i.e., conducting a heating and cooling load calculation, sizing and selecting the proper equipment, and sizing of the ductwork in the air distribution system. Each lesson plan includes pre-class reading and homework assignments.

Additionally, the Manual J portion of the curriculum provides instruction on how to perform the load calculation using the ACCA MJ8ae Speed-Sheet, which is an Excel spreadsheet you can use in conjunction with the abridged edition of Manual J to facilitate the learning process.

"It is critical for students wanting to enter the HVAC industry to understand Manuals J, D, and S, because they are the foundation of performing quality installations," said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. "ACCA developed these lesson plans to make it easier for instructors to teach the manuals, because they have a starting point and can adjust the lesson plans to fit their individual class needs."

The lesson plans can be downloaded from ACCA's website at

If you have questions about the lesson plans, contact Luis Escobar, ACCA's Manager of Code and Standards at


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