ACCA and Service First Processing Announce Member Benefit Program

February 18, 2019
The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces that it has partnered with Service First Processing, a leading provider of credit card and ACH/check processing services, to create an ACCA member rebate program.

“Service First Processing is excited to partner with ACCA and offer a new rebate program thousands of contractors across the country. We have worked with many ACCA members and helped them achieve significant savings with their processing fees and generate yearly rebates,” said Nader Saweeres, Service First Processing senior vice president.

The ACCA-Service First Processing partnership will provide ACCA members with a generous 10 percent rebate, a 60-day trial period and no-cost equipment loans, and a 90-day trial period for ACCA members who do not currently accept credit cards. Service First will also offer ACCA members a complimentary online reporting system and superior customer service through a dedicated member helpline.

“ACCA is proud to partner with Service First Processing and offer our members a new rebate program that will add even more value to their ACCA membership,” said Todd Washam, ACCA director of industry and external relations. “ACCA is on a mission to deliver new products and services for contractors that will help them save money and grow their businesses. We look forward to this partnership and will continue to find trusted vendors who have outstanding products and services to support ACCA members.”

To access this new ACCA member benefit visit and click on the Service First Processing logo. This will take ACCA members directly to the Service First Processing website where contractors can take advantage of this benefit.

For more information, please contact ACCA’s Director of Industry and External Relations, Todd Washam, at or 703-824-8864.


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