ACCA Publishes 2016 Contractor Compensation & Benefits Survey Report

August 31, 2016

ACCA, the Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency Association, published the results from its 2016 Contractor Compensation & Benefits Survey. The survey was conducted in June and contractors were asked to provide information for calendar year 2015.

The Contractor Compensation & Benefits Survey report includes demographic information about the contractors who participated in the survey including: geographic market area; annual sales; and total number of employees.

The results give information on compensation and benefits for a variety of positions found in contracting companies. The positions included in the report are:

  • President Or Owner
  • General Manager
  • President Or Owner’s Spouse
  • Operations Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Technician
  • Installation Manager
  • Installer
  • Inventory Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales person
  • Dispatch Manager

"Being able to compare their company's numbers to industry benchmarks helps contractors determine where they stand among their peers and where they may need to make adjustments," says Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president & CEO. "ACCA will continue to develop these types of benchmarking surveys and update them regularly, because it is important for contractors to have current, reliable information to make these assessments about their companies."

The 2016 Contractor Compensation and Benefits Survey is available for $499 ($299 for ACCA members) at or by calling 888-290-2220.

ACCA contractor members who completed the survey in June, received a complimentary copy for their participation.

If you have questions about the survey report, contact Hilary Atkins, ACCA's general counsel and senior vice president for finance & administration at


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