ACCA Launches Online Training Program For HVAC Office & Sales Staff

August 9, 2016

ACCA, the Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency Association, launched a new online training program, HVAC for Office & Sales Staff. This new program explains the basics of HVAC equipment, how important the HVAC contracting industry is, and how vital the role of each employee is in running a successful contracting company.

The program is broken into three parts that will help the non-technical staff in a contracting business understand the basics of HVAC systems and how central heating and cooling systems work.

The three parts are:
Part 1 - The things that make us different are the same
HVAC is defined along with a brief history and the industry’s relevance in modern society is explained. Human comfort is discussed and explained as the primary product that our industry sells. The importance of customer interaction is discussed at all levels in any size company. Business cycles with respect to weather and the economy are revealed. The flow of paperwork within a company and the product chain of distribution are detailed.

Part 2 - How comfort works
Simple definitions are provided for Btu, CFM and a ton of cooling. A distinction is made between furnaces and boilers with an explanation of how both work. AFUE and SEER ratings are defined as well as Energy Star requirements. An air conditioning system is built from the ground up and all major parts are described and explained. A brief discussion is offered on the phase-out of R-22 and the emergence of R-410a. Heat pump operation is explained as well as HSPF and COP ratings. Duct system types are briefly reviewed. The standards and codes that regulate the HVAC industry are discussed. 

Part 3 - How much does it cost?
The cost of doing business is explained in detail. The need for training is explained and the trade associations are enumerated. The need to distinguish your company from the competition is discussed. Accessories such as humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, media air cleaners, UV lights, programmable thermostats and HRV/ERVs are all explained and their application discussed.

Once a participant completes all three parts of the training, there is a 10 question quiz. Participants who pass the quiz with a 70% or higher total will receive a course certificate.

“Contracting companies are a mix of highly technical and non-technical staff that work together to ensure that they are providing the best products and services to their customers,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “The office and sales teams are the first contact that customers have with companies and provide valuable support to the technicians in the field. Having a base level of knowledge about heating and cooling equipment and the industry as a whole; helps them provide that support. ACCA developed this program with trainer Jack Rise, so that contractors have a convenient option for training their office an sales teams on these basics.”

The HVAC for Office & Sales Staff program costs $60 and the course can be accessed online at

If you have questions about the program, contact Christine Gibson, ACCA’s director of marketing at (703) 824-8852 or


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