ACCA Launches New Duct Diagnostic and Repairs Online Training Program

October 20, 2016

ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, has launched its newest online certificate program, Qtech: Duct Diagnostics and Repair.

Through Qtech, contractors can offer their employees on-demand training in quality HVACR installation, maintenance, home performance, and other areas. Technicians that successfully complete Qtech programs will be awarded certificate designations allowing them to differentiate themselves in the field. In addition, the courses are approved for CEU hours from a wide variety of organizations.

"ACCA continues to develop Qtech online training, because contractors have told us that having access to readily available training that is affordable, helps them make this investment in their companies," said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. "We think the new program, which focuses on duct diagnostics and repair, holds great value for contractors, because a properly functioning duct system is a critical to the comfort of homeowners. Being able to properly diagnosis issues and repair them correctly will help increase customer satisfaction."

The Duct Diagnostics and Repair program consists of 3.5 hours of video training broken up into six sections that cover:

  • Duct Basics: Energy Losses; Duct Systems; System Efficiency Losses
  • Duct System Repair and Installation: Planning Repairs; Duct Sealing and Testing; Special Repair Tips
  • Duct Design and Updating Strategies: Updating Duct Designs; Duct Location and Load
  • Testing and Diagnosing Duct Systems: Inspection and Testing; Duct Leakage Testing; System Verification
  • Health Safety and Comfort Aspects: Health and safety Issues; Safety and Comfort Issues; Comfort War Stories Part 1; Comfort War Stories Part 2
  • Better Duct Systems Benefit Customers: Customer Opportunities

Upon passing this program's final exam, students will receive a certificate and are eligible for CEUs from the following organizations: BPI; HVAC Excellence; ICC; NATE; and RSES.

Contractors and their technicians can sign up for the new Duct Diagnostics and Repair program at The course costs $99 ($69 for ACCA members). To receive the CEUs, students must contact the individual organizations and provide them with a copy of their certificate.

For assistance with registration and managing the online classes, contact or 888-290-2220. For questions about Qtech course material, contact Donald Prather at


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