ACCA Applauds Arkema Commitment to Contractor Professionalism

January 8, 2018

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces that global refrigerant manufacturer, Arkema Inc., joined ACCA’s Business Associate corporate membership program.

The ACCA corporate membership program enables HVACR industry suppliers and manufacturers to demonstrate extraordinary commitment to ACCA members through year-round support of the association's activities. The corporate membership program provides financial and programming resources to ACCA, enabling the association to expand advocacy and business development activities for contractors throughout the year.

“ACCA welcomes Arkema’s commitment to the contracting industry and their staunch support of ACCA’s quality installation programs,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA President and CEO. “ACCA’s corporate members play an important role in ACCA as we advocate on behalf of contractors on Capitol Hill and within the federal agencies. They also make significant contributions to ACCA’s training and business resources that increase professionalism in the industry. We are excited that Arkema is committed to these essential resources for contractors.”

Arkema Inc. in the United States employs 3400 people in 19 states and is headquartered in King of Prussia, PA. Arkema’s roots date back to the 1850s when the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company was established. The Calvert City, Kentucky plant that produces fluorochemicals for various air conditioning, refrigeration, and foam blowing applications is one of Arkema’s largest manufacturing facilities worldwide. The Calvert City plant has been in operation since 1949; it provides jobs for 260 full time employees and many local businesses.

“Arkema is excited about joining ACCA and values the organization’s influence and direct connection with the nation’s air-conditioning contractors,” said Anthony O’Donovan, Arkema Regional Group President for Fluorochemicals. “Arkema continues to be a strong supporter of reducing HFC emissions, which includes the development and use of low Global Warning Potential HFCs and HFOs, and views the partnership with ACCA as strong conduit for facilitating a gradual transition to new materials and serving as a resource for other members. We believe that ACCA’s resources, education programs, and advocacy support a safe and effective transition while representing the industry and our customers.”


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