ACCA Announces Reaffirmation of ANSI/ACCA 10 Manual SPS

July 11, 2017

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute (ACCA-EI) Standards Task Team (STT) announces the reaffirmation of ANSI/ACCA 10 Manual SPS-2010 HVAC Design for Swimming Pools and Spas without substantive changes.The 45-day public review period started on July 8, 2017 and will close on August 21, 2017.

Manual SPS (2010) provides guidance to mechanical and HVAC system designers and includes considerations for: envelope moisture/thermal barriers, design conditions for humid spaces, control space temperature, controlling space pressure, indoor air quality issues, engineered ventilation requirements, conditioning of outdoor and makeup air, heating and cooling loads, evaporation loads, heat recovery, water heating and water treatment, equipment choices, control options and operational strategies, supply air CFM and distribution and duct systems.

Comments on this reaffirmation must be submitted by August 21, 2017 using the ACCA response form available at If required, a copy of Manual SPS can be purchased from the ACCA Bookstore at

If you have questions about Manual SPS or the reaffirmation of the manual, email Danny Halel, ACCA's Manager of Standards at


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