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Johnathan Towner

I started my journey within the HVAC industry at 16 years old. I started vocational training at the central county occupational center in San Jose.

The program allowed high school students to earn credits for graduation by taking a special trades course for the second half of every weekday.

I took the program very seriously, at least more so than I did high school, I was shocked when the instructor chose me to be the class foreman within 6 months of my entry into the program. My responsibilities were to oversee other students on their daily projects. The class had adults and high school students working together for the year.

I led a small crew of other students while performing preventive maintenance on the rooftop HVAC units around campus.

After two and a half years and obtaining two certifications of industry recognition, I began working for a local contractor at 18 years old as an apprentice doing installations for a residential company out of Campbell CA...

...20 years later, Silicon Valley Comfort


Central County Occupational Center
San Jose, California, United States
EPA Certification, Level One HVAC Technician, 2003
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
1999 To 2003
Dissertation: Class completion certificate, Level One HVAC Technician, Morrell Foundation Tool Kit Scholarship
Advisor: John Tawney

Professional Associations

An ACCA Accredited Member
2018 - Present

Job History

Silicon Valley Comfort
San Jose, CA, United States
April 2017 - present

Mechanical Air Services Corp
Lead Installer
April 2012 - December 2015

Residential Heating & A C Inc
Lead Installer
March 2005 - January 2012

Supreme Air Systems
March 2003 - November 2004

Honors and Awards

ENERGY STAR (QA New Homes) contractor.
Quality Assured (ACCA)