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This used to be my favorite online casino site, and as a casino they were very good. Good bonus program and there was a cashback, but unfortunately they had to stop playing for a while and that period dragged on. Now that all the problems have been solved, almost a year later I'm back to playing games again. And what was my surprise that after such a period of time the site has not only stayed the same, but on the contrary, it has become only better. Not to mention the bonuses for players who are back at roo casino, they are probably even more than for newcomers. Radically changed the design for the better, though he was not bad before, but now go in and just from the visuals eyes rejoice. I have never had any questions about them before and even more so now. All quickly and quickly, literally in a few minutes solves itself. All the service providers have been always helpful and efficient in dealing with such uncritical merchants. I have the impression that this is a completely different project from what I had a year or two ago. Like before and now everything is at the highest level so I wish everyone to try it who is hungry for really good projects