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Interview Tips – Behavior Based Interviewing


During the search for a job, you have to apply for a lot of job opening whenever you encounter any. After applying for a job every one waits for an interview call. When you do receive an interview call, this is an opportunity for you to show yourself eligible for the job. But what can be worst if you goof up on the interview day and make a mess out of your conversation. To avoid that, you must need to be careful and prepared for the interview with help. Especially be prepared for Behavior Based Interviews.


What are Behavior Based Interviews?

These are the kind of interviews that are designed for the candidates on the basis of the theory that the future performance of candidates can be predicted based on the previous performance of the candidates. It means that how would a candidate behave in future is perfectly monitored by how has he behaved in the past.


In these interviews, the candidates of the job are asked certain practical questions based on reality, and are judged on the basis of the answers given. In other words, if you encounter an interview that is designed to be a behavior based interview, you need to be vigilant and think proactively during the interview.


What kind of questions will be asked?

In Behavior Based Interviews, a set of standardized questions are asked from you to judge you. All questions you will find on website. The interviewers look deeply at how you behave and respond to certain situations. The question can be like:


Describe one problem that looked difficult to solve. How did you come to know of the problem and how did you try to solve it?

Describe an incident where you persuaded another person to do something he or she was not willing to do. Were you successful?

Have you ever tried to do something on your own? Describe one incident that you took up a task as an initiative.

The Interview Process

Pre screening: in this step, the applications of the candidates are screened. They are contacted for the educational scripts as well.

Telephone interview: at this point, a phone call is done to all the candidates for the job who are considered eligible for the job. The focus of the discussion is the skills of the candidates. Furthermore, maximum knowledge that can be delivered to the candidates about the job is given. Mostly the telephone interview is the basis for the judgment of the capabilities of the candidates.

On-site interview: this is a full day’s interview having tests, and verbal interviews related to the job

Selection: at this step, a call letter for a job is sent to the potential employees and their agreement is assured.

On-Boarding: at this step, the newly hired employee will meet with the HR managers and stat the job.

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