WOW – CSR Training

Creating WOW Experiences: Over the Phone and Book More Calls

Who's It For?

Full day class for Operation Managers, CSR's, CSR Managers, and Dispatchers.

If your phone is ringing, then the time, money, and energy you've put into advertising your business has done its job. Yet, once that phone rings, it's up to your customer service representatives (CSRs) to ensure those leads convert into sales.

Sign up today for this exclusive customer service training to ensure your CSR's are able to help callers know they've called the right place, receive a WOW experience from your company, and book the call!

This ACCA members-only course will cover essential tips and practices to connect better with customers and understand their needs. In this course, operation managers, CSR managers, CSR's, and dispatchers will learn about:

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Best Practices in Showing Empathy
  • Overcome Customer Objections
  • Giving Beyond Expectation
  • Creating Value in Unexpected Ways
  • Sell Service Agreements
  • Examples of Excellence Inbound Service Calls
  • And more!


$495 per

ACCA Membership Required
Month-to-Month Options Available

Power Selling Pros

is a premier customer service coaching company focusing on home service business including the residential HVACR industry.

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Students also receive PSP's 30-Day Challenge for Technicians program.
$1,950 VALUE!

Every day, each ACCA member of your team that you put into the online course challenge gets an email with that day's training. There are videos, blog posts, downloads, scripts, and other tools that take 10 minutes a day to learn and start implementing vital tools and principles that will help dealers wow more homeowners and book more calls.

30-Days for Techs

  • Days 1-5: Becoming the Most Customer-Centric Service Professional in Your Market! Topics
  • Days 6-15: Learning the Pattern for Excellence to go from Selling to Serving!
  • Days 16-17: Generating Positive Reviews!
  • Days 18: The Technician's Role in Marketing
  • Days 19: The "Honey-Do" Box
  • Days 20: Following Up with Customers
  • Days 21: Take Charge of the Service Call
  • Days 22: Overcoming Objections
  • Days 23-30: Mindset, Culture, and Customer Experience

This unique training opportunity is exclusive for ACCA members.
Space is limited, so get your reservation as soon as you can and secure your spot.

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