Residential System Design Review Form

ACCA Manuals J, S, and D are referenced and required across America.  This form provides a quick and easy review the HVAC system design.  This review gives an objective indication whether required processes were followed.

  • Manual J Load Calculations:  Estimates are correct for the amount of heating and cooling required for a residence.
  • Manual S Equipment Selection: The selection of equipment was based on the heating and cooling loads and OEM performance data; the equipment is within the maximum sizing requirements.
  • Manual D Duct Systems:  The duct sizes were based on the equipment selected, duct system geometry, fittings, and duct materials used.

The form is meant to be very simple; it is neither exhaustive nor exclusive.  There are hundreds of elements in the load calculation, equipment selection, or duct design that could be verified.  This form seeks to examine only a few very simple items, in each design stage, that have a direct impact health and safety of the occupants.  The form is meant to stand alone and be enforced immediately.  However, it could serve as the basis for an expanded form when the code officials have an increased understanding of the processes or it may be modified to address regional concerns.

The form, completed by the contractor, may be supported with copies of standard load calculation forms, OEM performance data, and other worksheets.  This form is impartial to any particular software developer, though they have examined the form and are investigating the development of simple print commands that facilitate its completion and supplemental documentation.

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Illustrated Example #1

This illustrated example demonstrates the full ANSI-recognized Manual J procedure.  The example equipment selection process demonstrates where to find the information needed for an HVAC system consisting of a furnace and air conditioner. Circled numbers on HVAC Systems Design Review Form correspond to the descriptions in the introduction and to the locations where the information can be found on the supporting documentation.

Illustrated Example #2

This illustrated example demonstrates the Manual J Abridged Edition (AE) procedure.  The Manual JAE condenses the basic elements of the load calculation into a functional procedure to promote comprehension in students.  Manual J1AE load calculations are valid however; they must meet all of the requirements on the Alternative Abridged Edition Check List (included on page 6). The example equipment selection process demonstrates where to find the information needed for a heat pump HVAC system.