ACCA’s 2015 HVAC System Cleanliness Restoration Standard Recognized by ANSI

October 7, 2015

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute Standards Task Team announced that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recognized the updated ANSI/ACCA 6 QR (Restoring the Cleanliness of HVAC Systems) Standard.

The prior 2007 QR Standard was revised to streamline the instruction set, clarify language, and update references / citations. The Standard details the nationally-recognized minimum requirements to restore the cleanliness of residential and commercial HVAC systems in accordance with manufacturer- or customer-specified criteria. It defines the minimum procedures and practices to:

  • Determine when airside surfaces should be cleaned, and when they require repair or replacement;
  • Clean the airside surfaces within HVAC systems;
  • Control the spread of contaminants, which may be released as a result of the HVAC cleaning process;
  • Verify the cleanliness of HVAC systems.

The Standard’s procedural format assures that restoring HVAC system cleanliness yields maximum benefit with minimal impact on indoor air quality, building occupants, or the building structure during the cleaning process. It also provides direction to assess the economic viability of replacing HVAC components or systems versus cleaning them.

Interested persons can download a free copy of ANSI/ACCA 6 QR - 2015 (Restoring the Cleanliness of HVAC Systems) at   Printed copies are sold through the ACCA bookstore at


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