New Tool Helps Contractors with Software Selection

April 28, 2016

ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, has published a Software Self-Assessment tool to help its contractor members looking to purchase new software for their businesses.

The self-assessment tool is broken into three major categories to help contractors come up with a baseline of what they want and need from a software program. The three categories are: Company Demographics; Company Forecast; and Needs Assessment. Along with the self-assessment tool, ACCA has provided information about why each question is on the assessment to further help contractors as they are filling out the form.

"Almost every day, contractors use ACCA's Contractor Forum to ask their fellow members about contracting operational software," said Kevin Holland, ACCA's senior vice president of business operations and membership. "There are a lot of great software vendors in this market. The self-assessment is a starting point, to help contractors focus on understanding their needs before they start evaluating different programs. This document is not going to choose the software for you, or implement it for you. Instead, recognizing that each contracting business is different, use this document to organize your company's individual priorities. This will help you compare proposals from different software companies."

He added, "We developed the document in concert with several contractor members who have undergone software transitions recently. This is the document they wish they had when they were beginning the process."

The Software Self-Assessment tool is available for free download to all ACCA members at under the Business Forms & Template Library. ACCA members will be required to log into their ACCA account to be able to download the file.

If you have questions about this assessment or have suggestions, contact Melissa Broadus, ACCA's director of communications at


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