ACCA Executive Staff

   Barton James
Interim President & CEO

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Glenn Hourahan
Senior Vice President for Research & Technology

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Hilary Atkins
General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Administration

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   rsz_cajchun.jpgKimya Bailey Cajchun
   Senior Vice President for Membership & IT

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TibbettsWeb.jpgMark Tibbetts
Senior Vice President, Business Operations & Finance

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Staff Directory, A-Z

ACCA email addresses are standardized as ""

Atkins, Hilary General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Administration 703-824-8855
Broadus, Melissa Director of Communications & Editor, IE3 Magazine 703-824-8842
Cajchun, Kimya Bailey Senior Vice President, Membership & Information Technology 703-824-8845
Davis, Wes Vice President, Quality Assured Programs 703-824-8847
Gibson, Christine Director of Marketing 703-824-8852
Gotthardt, Craig Vice President, Information Systems 703-824-8844
Halel, Danny Manager of Standards 703-824-8868
Hourahan, Glenn Senior Vice President, Research & Technology 703-824-8865
James, Barton Interim President & CEO 703-824-8862
Patrick, Rosemary Executive Assistant to the CEO 703-824-8862
Prather, Don Manager, Technical Services 703-824-8867
Romero, Karina Beltran Manager of Customer Services 703-824-8854
Singleton Russell, Lynnette VP of Finance 703-824-8857
Skeete, Alex ACCA Expo and Event Sponsorship Sales 703-706-8224
Sutherland, Deborah Manager of Accounting 703-824-8848
Tibbetts, Mark Senior Vice President, Business Operations 703-824-8856
Tolbert, Sean Quality Assured Program Support Specialist 703-824-8877
Washam, Todd Director, Industry Relations 703-824-8864