Membership Committee

Purpose of this Committee: This committee is responsible for two areas. Bringing in new members to ACCA, our numbers are our strength and the stronger we are the louder the voice we have in the industry. This committee by natural extension will also help to retain current membership by creating a more engaging dialogue. This group will be the marketing arm of ACCA in that we need to let people know who we are and what we can offer their business when it comes to being successful. 


Kurt Hudson,
LC Anderson, Inc., 
Boston, MA

Eric Grennell,
Lakes Region Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning,
Northfield, NH

Committee Members:  

  • Eddie McFarlane, ACCA Sr. Vice Chair – Sila Services, King of Prussia, PA 
  • Paul Adams – Columbia Home Services, Dallas, TX
  • Seth Beitz – Kelso Industries, Phoenix, AZ
  • Vincent Gillette – Gillette Air Conditioning Company, San Antonio, TX
  • Martin Hoover – Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, Decatur, GA
  • Mason Hoover – Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, Decatur, GA
  • Michael Rosenberg – Rosenberg Indoor Climate, San Antonio, TX
  • Michael Sauer – Scorpion, Valencia, CA
  • Brian Stack – Stack Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, & Electrical, Avon, OH

(Not Pictured: Eddie McFarlane, Mason Hoover, Michael Rosenberg, and Michael Sauer)

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Membership Committee

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