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New Orleans Marriott | New Orleans, LA

November 1-2, 2021


About the Office &
Operations Managers Forum

Running a service business is tough. Finding the right employees, scheduling the right jobs, implementing the right technology, following the right laws in the right way. Dealing with customer (and employee) complaints, refereeing disputes between teams, managing inventory, and just plain getting everything done when it’s supposed to be done…whew! Don’t worry. Every other contracting office and operations manager understands that feeling!

Running a service business involves some unique business challenges, but you are not alone. Let your fellow contractors share their struggles and success with you at the Office & Operations Managers Forum.




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Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face

No matter how experienced you are, everyone can continue to learn. Working in a small business is often isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, we can miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results.

Office & Operations Managers will expose you to new ways of conducting your business and demonstrate how to be more productive. This event is a great opportunity to meet your business idols, and is filled with industry experts you can learn from.


The Energy of Like-Minded Individuals

There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people. Other people who are willing to take time away from the office to learn something new. Other people who want to “better” themselves.

When you sit in a session, you discover that you’re not alone in wanting to improve your skills and bring something back to your company. That energy is unmatched compared to online learning channels, regardless of how great the content might be.


Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to read a blog post or listen to a podcast from your office. You don’t have to make small talk while your YouTube video loads up.

While there are those among us who are born networkers, for many of us, live events and other people can be a challenge. Breaking out of our comfort zones is just the type of action we need to take to change our old ways of thinking that have left us in a professional rut in our businesses.


Networking Opportunities

Social media can help keep you connected to peers who are both local and “far away.” However, there’s no substitution for meeting someone IRL (in real life).

Office & Operations Managers is filled with opportunities to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, or a beer, make a connection with the perfect vendor or prospect. At a breakout session, find yourself sitting beside your next mentor. If you don’t go, your toughest competitor will be sitting in your seat.


Invest In Yourself

Leaving the office and sharpening your skills is investing in yourself. It’s admitting that you’re worth it. It’s acknowledging that you still have things to learn. That you can get better.

It’s an investment in yourself, your career, and even your company. When you purchase that meeting ticket, you’re saying that you’re investing in your own growth.


Get Inspired

Hearing what speakers have done to make their businesses so successful can motivate you to follow in their footsteps. It could be that they inspire you to add something new or change the way you do things.

Whatever it is, meeting others who are successful in your industry should inspire and motivate you to reach the next level of success.



New Orleans Marriott

555 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

The New Orleans Marriott, where you’ll be able to experience the energetic nightlife, buoyant music, and authentic cuisine of this exciting city firsthand. Situated in the heart of the French Quarter, the New Orleans Marriott is within walking distance to premier attractions, including Jackson Square, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and it is just three blocks from the world-famous Bourbon Street.

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Prices start at $209 + tax and fees

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