ACCA 2013 To Include New Focus Program For Radiant & Hydronics Contractors

ACCA 2013, the largest annual gathering of indoor environment contracting professionals, is launching a new Radiant & Hydronics program in partnership with the ACCA Radiant & Hydronics Council and PHC News, the leading monthly publication for plumbing and hydronics contractors.

ACCA 2013 is being held February 26 – March 2, 2013 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida, and will include a full educational track of Learning Labs led by top radiant contractors and hydronics experts. In addition to advanced topics for seasoned radiant veterans, the programming will also offer topics geared toward “air side” contractors seeking to expand their markets. ACCA 2013 is held in conjunction with IE3: The Indoor Environment & Energy Expo, the nation’s fastest growing marketplace for contracting suppliers.

“The beauty of ACCA is that we are a contractor organization, serving the entire indoor environment field, and thousands of contractors of all types will be joining us in Florida at ACCA 2013,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA President & CEO. “ACCA 2013 is an industry event, not an association event – you do not need to be a member of ACCA to participate in this incredible learning experience.”

He continued, “ACCA 2013 offers a rare opportunity for hydronics contractors to meet and share business ideas not only with each other, but other types of contractors, who have the same marketing and management challenges and opportunities. And hydronics suppliers at the expo will have unique access not only to their current customers, but really to a whole new universe of contractors, helping them grow the radiant marketplace.”

Among the featured presenters at the ACCA 2013 Radiant & Hydronics Program Track are:

Dan Holohan
Dan Holohan certainly needs no introduction to hydronics professionals. In his session, Radiant Roots, he will take you on a magical history tour of where radiant heating came from, as well as where it’s been over the years. He’ll also introduce you to some of the interesting minds behind the science and explore a bit of what went right (and wrong) and where we may be going from here.

Dan Foley, Foley Mechanical
HVAC and hydronics are two sides of the same coin requiring different skill sets. So, how do you take these two distinct business formats and combine them? It may be easier than you think. Join leading contractor Dan Foley for Selling the Wet and Dry Sides Together.

Bob Rohr, Caleffi NA
A recent poll shows 9 out of 10 voters think it is important for the US to develop and use solar. Progressive contractors should embrace this awareness. Geothermal is another popular option and can integrate nicely with combined systems. Learn the ins and outs of these systems, and position your company to be a multi-energy leader in your area, in Bob Rohr’s session, Sun, Earth, Water & Fire.

Brian Stack, Stack Heating & Cooling
In his session, Integrating Hydronics Into a Forced Air HVAC Business, contractor Brian Stack will guide you through using boilers to provide heating not only for radiant floor but integrating hot water coils into duct systems, ease of zoning, providing domestic hot water and how this affects the overall design including money and space savings. If you’re just getting into radiant heating or want a refresher, then this is the session for you!

John Barba, Taco
Residential customers always ask one thing when considering a new hydronics systems: What’s my payback?  It’s a common question but one with no easy answers.  In this fact-filled and fast-paced session, Estimating Fuel & Electrical Costs in Residential Hydronic Systems, and the REAL Value of Variable Speed Circulators, John Barba will show you how to estimate – as accurately as possible – annual fuel costs for an upgraded system and how to compare those costs to the alternatives. You’ll also learn how to estimate electrical costs associated with operating a residential hydronic system, and the growing phenomenon of energy-saving variable speed circulators in residential hydronics. You’ll leave knowing how the right variable speed circulator can improve overall system efficiency.

ACCA 2013 also features 35+ other Learning Labs covering a wide variety of management, marketing and leadership topics, led by some of the nation’s most profitable contracting business owners. These tracks will provide attendees a full learning experience and help improve their overall business.  Some of the topics on the schedule include:

  • Obamacare: What You Need To Know Now
  • The Ultimate HVAC Lead Generation Machine
  • The How-tos& Pitfalls of Hiring & Firing
  • The Sting: Lessons from The Today Show
  • Leadership Development: How to Create a Great Leadership Team

ACCA 2013 also includes a number of exciting general sessions featuring top speakers – including a special “Service Leadership Day” program on March 2, led by Dennis Snow, the creator of the Disney Institute’s consulting division — and fun networking opportunities that bring contractors together to learn from each other.

Registration is open for ACCA 2013 at and prices increase as the event moves closer. Learn more online or call 703-824-8856.

On February 26, attendees can participate in the ACCA Golf Classic at the Hawk’s Landing Golf Club for $175. This optional event will benefit the HVACR Development Workforce Foundation and requires pre-registration as there are only a limited number of spaces. You can learn more about this special golf outing at

The official hotel of ACCA 2013 is the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida. You can book your room at the special ACCA rate of $215 per night plus applicable taxes, or by calling 800-621-0638 and mentioning ACCA. Do not wait to book your room, because this rate is only good until February 4, 2013 or when our block is sold out, whichever comes first.

Complete program information, including accommodation and schedule details, may be found online at

ACCA is a non-profit association serving more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the indoor environmental and energy services community. Founded more than 40 years ago, today ACCA sets the standards for quality comfort systems, provides leading-edge education for contractors and their employees, and fights for the interests of professional contractors in every state in the country. Learn more about ACCA here.

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