Residential Design Class - Apex, NC

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March 16-18, 2021
Apex, NC

Learn Manual J, D and S

Now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge by signing up for ACCA's . Taking this classes can earn you a 5-year certificate. This unique class offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and gain the tools necessary to design for quality HVAC installations. 

The 3-day class is built on a comprehensive training platform that covers 5 distinct topics showcasing the ACCA “step-by-step” residential HVAC system design process to ensure a quality installation.

  • Manual J Session: One will learn the important concepts used in assembling an accurate residential load calculation. Heating and Cooling Load Examples will be presented in conjunction with the Manual J Do’s & Don’ts to ensure accuracy throughout the entire load calculation evaluation. Real-world procedures will be shown on how to conduct a detailed site-survey to ensure capturing important construction details when building the load calculation report.
  • Manual S Session: One will learn how to properly size equipment for a dwelling using a detailed heating & cooling load calculation and actual OEM performance data from different manufacturers (Air Conditioning/ Heat Pumps/ Gas Furnaces).
  • Manual D Session: One will learn the important steps on designing a ducted distribution system (selecting appropriate ducts & fittings) to deliver the required airflow (CFM) to all spaces being conditioned.
  • ACCA Standard 5 & Real-World Installation Tips Session: Step-by-step review on the ACCA Standard 5 (HVAC Quality Installation Specification) by which all quality HVAC installations should be designed and installed to. Practical real-world suggestions to minimize call-backs on common installation problems to include zoning and commissioning.
  • Real-Life System Design Session: In-class example using the Wrightsoft Residential Software Package, performing an actual load calculation on a real house, to include designing a fully functioning duct system.

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Who Should Attend: This class is ideal for contractors, technicians, sales staff, technical college instructors, design personnel, and anyone interested in learning proper quality installation.

Materials Included: Registration for an ACCA in-person RDQI class always includes the following required materials: Manual J 8th Edition, ACCA Duct Slide Rule, Manual D, and ACCA/ANSI Standard 5. Plus, you will also receive: Manual S, Manual T, and demo Wrightsoft discs.