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DuctWheel for iPad

DuctWheeliPad-222x300DuctWheel is an iPad-only version of one of ACCA’s most popular products, the Duct Calculation Slide Rule.

Now, technicians and contractors can use the exact same wheel configuration they’ve been using for years to get accurate measurements for duct installations. Except now you can zoom in, lock the wheel in place, and even take a snapshot for future reference.

DuctWheel is the only duct sizing app that’s powered by ACCA’s Manual D, the ANSI standard for residential duct design.

Accurate duct sizing, the old fashioned way — now for the iPad.

Reviews from iTunes

“Overall: I love it! Now my coworkers can’t ‘borrow’ mine.” Chandler P.

“Very happy with this app. I can sit down with a customer and show them airflow. This is exactly what I was looking for.” skwinter80

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