State Affairs

Each state and locality makes decisions every day that impact contracting businesses. 

ACCA and our members and allies around the country are busily working to protect contractor interests and fight for quality indoor environment design, installation and maintenance.

On the national level, ACCA monitors state activity to help our members and chapters understand what’s happening. We also provide you with tools and resources so you can take direct action by tracking legislation and contacting your elected officials. All politics is local, and contractors must get involved!

ACCA Updates & Reports

ACCA members, stay informed on what's happening in the legislative and policy world that is going to directly impact your bottom line. Read ACCA's weekly Advocacy Report and other updates and alerts, exclusively for members.

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State Issues

See what ACCA thinks about important state policy issues.

State Law & Regulation Tracking

ACCA actively tracks legislation and regulations happening around the country. Now, our members can keep track of laws and regulations that are being considered in your statehouse which could directly impact your contracting business.

Track State Legislation

Allied Contracting Organizations

There are many contracting associations around the country; many offer local networking opportunities. But which of these organizations offer effective contractor representation before state legislators and agencies?

ACCA's Allied Contracting Organizations (ACOs) are working hard on behalf of contractors every day. Click here to view the current list of ACOs.

If you operate in a state served by an ACO, we strongly encourage you to join the state association and support its efforts, in addition to supporting ACCA.


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