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1.  AHRI Diirectory

Posted 8 days ago

I discovered last weekend that the AHRI has done a new release of the website that I have depended on for the past 10+ years for accurate and easy to find AHRI certificates. 

I am not sure if it is a case of that you can't teach an old dog new tricks but I am finding the new site difficult to use - slower loading and simply could not find a way to get a rating on a current production gas furnace that I could easily find last week.

Is it just me or are others experiencing similar problems? All three of my Comfort Advisors are groaning!

Richard Dean

Environmental Systems Associates

Columbia, MD

2.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 7 days ago
Not just you.  And don't bother trying to look stuff up usong your phone.  All around poor performance at this time though I think in the long run it will be better.  The one improvement I see so far is you don't have to get the model number perfect with all the ridiculous dashes and asterisks.

Jason Schondra
Sales Manager
New Age Air, Inc.
Collegeville PA
(610) 454-0749

3.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 7 days ago
Saw that last week myself.  I was not amused but I finally found what I was looking for.

Michael Brown
Technical Advisor
J.R. Hobbs Co.
Lawrenceville GA
(770) 963-2600

4.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 7 days ago
I saw the same.  The one I was looking for actually evaporated though due to a Lennox issue.  A unit that previously was approved is no longer approved.  Keep and eye out on these.  Some units may have rating changes but I am not certain if this is associated with the website issues

Josh Campbell
Rescue Air, LLC dba Rescue Air Heating and Cooling
Richardson TX
(972) 964-2665

5.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 7 days ago
Josh brings up a good point.  There are many combinations that are no longer rated...I noticed this shift last year.  We do a lot of the 5-speed units and found last year that many of the VNA824 units were no longer rated so we had to go with the VNA825 units.

Anyone in a 14 SEER market may want to check combinations closely...I have not checked recently but the last time I checked, there were very few rated combinations with PSC motors...

Richard Jones
Comfort Solutions, Inc.
Springfield VA
(703) 266-3678

6.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 7 days ago
We have all been struggling with the new format as well.
We've tried both Chrome and IE with no luck.
The new format is so slow we have no choice but to abandon it.
Perhaps they'll get it together eventually, but for now we have to use the manufacturers' on-line match up programs.

Brian McDonald
President/General Manager
Outer Banks Heating & Cooling
Kill Devil Hills NC
(252) 441-1740

7.  RE: AHRI Diirectory

Posted 6 days ago
yes the AHRI numbers are subject to change- gotta be careful!

Yes, the new sight stinks! I tried it on my phone and gave up- aint happening.

On a desktop it seems manageable but awfully slow.

Gary Wilson, Owner
Wilson Services, Inc.
Northampton, MA