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Manual J software

  • 1.  Manual J software

    Posted 05-18-2018 11:02 AM
    Good morning, this is Jerry asking for anybody's advice on user-friendly affordable software for performing manual J calculations.

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    Posted 05-21-2018 09:17 AM
    I have been using Wrightsoft for almost 20 years now. It is easy to use and most municipalities we deal with like it more than others. Mostly because the report are easy to read. I have trained other people to use the program fairly easy as well. I highly recomend it.

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    Posted 05-22-2018 05:06 PM

    If you haven't done so already there are a number of ACCA Approved software programs out there. Check out for the full list.

    Understanding proper load calculation and duct design, and knowing how to use software the right way, is key to ensuring a quality system installation!  ACCA has both online and in person classes to learn more about designing HVAC systems. Check out for our Residential HVAC Design and Commercial HVAC Design courses.  



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