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    Posted 11-15-2017 11:32 AM
    Does anyone use this sales software from HVACbizpro? if so what are your thoughts.

    Horace Hunt
    Palmer's Heating & Air Conditioning
    Thomasville NC
    (336) 472-8548

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    Posted 11-16-2017 09:42 AM

    Horace – we are testing. The product seems solid. We are pushing our ERP system provider to integrate the tool into their product. The company (HVACBizPro) does not have a well-developed support model yet. Contact me if you want to discuss more in detail.


    Michael Linton

    Accurate Mechanical

    Accurate Heating and Cooling

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    Posted 11-17-2017 08:58 AM



    We have been using Bizpro for over two years straight and we like it.  We were on it and changed to a new distributer who is partnered with them and they update the pricing for us which is nice.  Only downside to having the distributer provide is that they only have what they sell in there which is understandable. 


    We use it as our dispatching tool for the sales team.  Major downside is that it doesn't tie into our software SAWIN so we have to do double entry on the install side which is a pain.


    Email customer quote, they can select and sign and it sends the office a notification email.  Email goes to me, sales manager, and sales coordinators.  I like it because I get to see every job we sell in the summary.  Office starts right away on calling to schedule and getting equipment lined up. 





    Easy to use

    Can set up lots of templates

    With the templates can do a 4 option proposal in just a few minutes

    4 option proposal layout (definitely saw our average tickets go up vs. old paper way)

    Has database for AHRI matchups

    Easy to add financing and discounts

    Has an option section

    Provides pictures and also do video links to products

    Has brochure links to products for those technical customers

    Automated emails to customer the day of appt., after the quote and follow ups at set intervals

    Very open to suggestions from users



    Doesn't tie into our software

    Time to create templates

    No more than 4 options


    Feel free to reach out to me a the contact info below



    Tyler B. Kime

    General Manager

    Standard Heating & Air Cond. Co. Inc.


    205-271-4332 direct

    205-322-2913 fax