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HVAC bit's n bob's

  • 1.  HVAC bit's n bob's

    Posted 10-27-2017 09:39 AM

    Hi There,


    We have performed our Fall warehouse cleaning and organizing right, do you all know of a place to advertise leftover brand new HVAC components to sell ?




    Bill Barber

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    Posted 10-28-2017 08:38 AM
    I don't understand why you want to sell them, won't you need them next year?   The other thought is if they are new and un-used with a good box and you want to free up capitol see if the vender that you got them from will take them back.  I have several venders that do that.  They take them in on trade for store credit that you use to buy the seasonal things you need.  That way you get dollar for dollar what you paid for it.  I do understand not wanting to get burned with outdated parts, but sometimes it is nice to have that rare part o  the shelf when need arises.

    Ken Sillman
    Custom Climate Control
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  • 3.  RE: HVAC bit's n bob's

    Posted 10-29-2017 10:09 AM
    The same goes for us here in Dallas.  Our distributors have never had a problem taking back on used parts but if you're concerned I would let the distributor know that you're only willing to do the purchase from them if they're willing to take back been used items.

    Josh Campbell
    Rescue Air, LLC dba Rescue Air Heating and Cooling
    Richardson TX
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    Posted 10-28-2017 08:38 AM
    Check with your distributors - ours often will take things back. Other than that, we set up company accounts for ebay with paypal.

    Linda Couch
    Chief Operating Officer
    Parrish Services
    Manassas VA

  • 5.  RE: HVAC bit's n bob's

    Posted 10-30-2017 09:11 AM
    Thanks for your all's input,  our commercial division has four Danfoss 3.40, 460VAC, 10 HP drives PLUS other special ordered equipment that mfg will not take back, period new paragraph.

    Bill Barber
    Service Manager
    Britt's Air Conditioning, Inc

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    Posted 10-31-2017 08:47 AM

    You might try Lazco Corp.  Lazco Corp.
    Lazco Corp. remove preview
    Lazco Corp.
    We buy and Sell surplus HVAC inventory.
    View this on Lazco Corp. >

    Kevin Walsh
    Schaafsma Heating & Cooling Co.
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