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 From: Donald Langston
 To: Contractor Forum
 Posted: 12-07-2017 02:31 PM

ACCA Members: Many of you know that one of my goals as National Chairman of ACCA is to highlight that HVAC jobs are energy & energy efficiency jobs. I have been asked by the National Association of State Energy Officials to encourage contractors to take a short survey they created, so we can quantify the number of energy related jobs in the U.S. 

I hope every contractor and technician will join me and my team in taking this survey so we can show policy makers how much we mean to the energy industry. Remember, most of the energy in the U.S. goes toward heating and cooling! 

Here's the survey:

Thank you for your consideration,

Donald Langston
ACCA Chairman
President and CEO
Aire Rite Air Conditioning
Huntington Beach CA
(800) 491-3035

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