South Carolina Association Doing Great Things!

By Paul Stalknecht posted 02-06-2018 11:41 AM


In a recent visit to ACCA’s Allied Contracting Organization in South Carolina, the South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors (SCAHACC), I had a terrific opportunity to see what many ACCA members are doing to support their state and local contracting organizations.

To refresh your memory, ACCA no long has chapters. ACCA is a national organization with our own dues, benefits, and policies. We have partnerships with many state and regional associations, but those partnerships focus on joint advocacy, communications, and marketing campaigns.

SCAHACC held its annual conference in Charleston and they featured many great contractor speakers who led eye opening sessions. Some of the learning lab sessions were led by ACCA members, including Eric Knaak (Isaac Heating and Air, Rochester, NY), Vince DiFilippo (DiFilippo’s Service Company, Paoli, PA), and Jerry Rollins (Morris-Jenkins Heating and Air conditioning, Charlotte, NC). They travelled from across the country teach fellow contractors how to increase their efficiencies by equipping the perfect install van, best practices in business management, and mastering training programs.

I was proud to see many ACCA members take the stage and lead insightful learning lab sessions.

I had the opportunity to kick off the SCAHACC conference with a presentation on what ACCA was up to on Capitol Hill in 2017. I could have talked for days, but decided to focus my speech on the recent tax reform legislation, which is very good to the HVAC industry!

The attendees were thrilled to see that ACCA was so successful when fighting for contractors. You probably know this already, but ACCA helped ensure that HVAC expensing provisions and better tax rates for pass-through business were included in the tax reform package.

Representing ACCA at the SCAHACC conference was great because it helped the non-ACCA contractors in attendance understand the importance of belonging to the national association. At the national level, ACCA is accomplishing a lot on behalf of the contracting industry, but we all know that the more members we have, the more clout we have on Capitol Hill. I’m certain that some of those non-ACCA contractor will be ACCA members soon.

Having so many ACCA members leading learning lab sessions and taking the stage to talk to attendees, reinforced what being an ACCA member is all about. ACCA members raise the bar for the contracting industry by promoting professionalism, sharing their knowledge and experiences, and representing contractors in their local, state, and national organizations.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. ACCA members are the best contractors and some of the smartest business owners in this country. I always learn something from you.

Lastly, I want to congratulate Leigh Faircloth Wishersham for her successful leadership of SCAHACC. She is doing a fantastic job representing HVACR contractors in South Carolina. I am glad that she continues to help the ACCA-SCAHACC partnership grow.

I look forward to being back next year, and seeing my friends and ACCA members from South Carolina.