New Paid Sick and Safe Leave Bill in the Works for the State of Maryland

By Hilary Atkins posted 04-12-2017 01:23 PM


The State of Maryland appears to be the next state (joining seven others) to enact paid sick leave legislation. Maryland’s Montgomery County already passed mandatory paid sick leave legislation back in October, 2016.

If this new law passes, employers with at least 15 employees must provide up to five paid sick and safe leave days per year to their employees. The law, if passed and signed by Governor Larry Hogan, would take effect January 1, 2018.

Exempt from coverage are:

  • Employees who regularly work less than 12 hours per week
  • Employees who are employed in the construction industry
  • Employees who are under a collective-bargaining agreement that expressly waives the requirements of the law
  • Certain as-needed employees in the health or human services industry

The bill specifically preempts local jurisdictions from enacting new paid sick and safe leave laws, except for amending existing laws enacted before January 1, 2017 (e.g. Montgomery County’s sick leave ordinance.)

Interestingly, Governor Hogan has said he favors a much higher threshold of 50 workers and added tax incentives available to smaller companies that offer the leave.

So, keep an eye out for further developments as they unfold.